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Win a FREE cleaning when you share a story about a friend or family member who has faced some difficulties or obstacles in their life.

Sharing your story can bring light and solution to the problem of those you love while making a big change for someone special. There are some incredible stories out there to be told, and as much as we are eager to hear them, we are equally eager to give a gift that will benefit one lucky winner.

Because the stories will vary in their topic and tone, it would be an impossible competition to judge on content alone. We believe the only way that we can do this fairly, is to simply judge by the number of likes a submission receives. Because many people will have their own families and friends like their entry, we encourage each of you to do the same. Write a compelling story and then spread the word.

So why a story contest? Well, we know storytelling is a powerful thing. A good story stays with you and makes you want to pass it along to others. It changes the way you think and even live. Throughout history and across cultures, people have used stories to create shared meaning out of human experiences to change mindsets, to spur action and to spark social change. In our line of work to improve homes, offices, and moves, we know that stories can help draw attention to the dangers in work and living conditions.  Stories can shine a light on solutions to these problems.

 Contest rules: Create a compelling powerful story, rich with detail, 500 words or less. Winner will receive a FREE cleaning with a minimum of 8 man hours and maximum of 16 mans hours. Anyone is eligible. We will stop receiving submissions on August 30th, 2015 at 11:59PM MST and will announce the winner on Monday, August 31st, 2015 at 10:00AM MST on Facebook.  Winner will be responsible for claiming their prize. Once claimed, winner will have until August 31st, 2016 to use their FREE cleaning on the space of their choice (limited to home or office, under 2,000 sq ft).

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We look forward to hearing your story!    God Bless!


Cleaning ceiling fans

Cleaning ceiling fans